Think Like A Man

Genre: Comedy
Released: 2012

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Note: Can someone please show Tim Story, the director, a copy of “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”! Thanks, Kevin

“Think Like a Man” is an unsuccessful marketing campaign for Steve Harvey’s book, “Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. I say unsuccessful because it failed to convince me to buy the book. That was the point of the film right? After being knocked over the head with the message of “Buy my book” for an hour, I never wanted to see Steve Harvey ever again. It was a blatant disregard for the audience’s intelligence and very disrespectful. It was like I was paying to see one of those infomercials you see on TV at 3am for thirty second abs or the Shamwow. Imagine this for a second; The movie is literally going along smoothly with intriguing characters, funny dialogue that suspend you in to the movie world. Then, all of a sudden, they cut to Steve Harvey being interviewed on a TV screen about his book where he’s referring to the problems the characters were having in the previous scene. Then, on top of all that, characters blatantly read the book on camera and there was even a moment where it was talked about being sold out everywhere! If you’re going to adapt a book, adapt and don’t make us aware of the author. I understand the book is a self-help book but referencing it like that only makes it seem like you’re trying to sell it. I can’t remember a better example of a film that lost my suspension of disbelief so quickly. Every character just became a set piece to promote his book and it was just awful.

Luckily, they smartened up and mostly got away from that aspect during the last hour. Every one involved in the writing of that film better be thankful that Kevin Hart exists because he completely saves the film. Hart’s comedic timing and facial expressions are purely genius. Even if a script is bland, he can completely turn it around and add fire to it. I would find out myself looking forward to him being in a scene because I just knew something funny was about to happen. That’s great for a film with multiple problems because it keeps it entertaining enough to sit through.

I know this is a bit of a persnickety statement but the film’s editing was just atrocious. The cuts made it seem like the actors were reading off of cue cards. Generally, when multiple people are sitting in a scene, you forget there are even multiple cameras because the conversation is flowing so well. In this case, I felt the lines were very abrupt and cut in such a way that it felt unnatural. You can notice this very early on in the film when all the male characters are going back and forth in the gym.

If you wanted to compare the film to anything, I would go with “Two Can Play That Game” meets “He’s Just Not That Into You”. The film doesn’t live up to either of those movies, mainly because of the product placement of Steve Harvey’s book. That really just grinds my gears!

“Think Like a Man” stars Michael Ealy (“Takers”), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from “Entourage”), Kevin Hart (“Along Came Polly”), Meagan Good (“Brick”), Regina Hall (“Scary Movie”), Taraji P. Henson (“Hustle and Flow”), Terrence Jenkins (“Burlesque”), Romany Malco (“The 40-Year Old Virgin”) and Gabrielle Union (“Bad Boys 2”)

The film revolves around five friends, Dominic (Ealy), Jeremy (Ferrara), Cedric (Hart), Michael (Jenkins) and Zeke (Malco), who are all at different stages in their relationships. Dominic, who dreams to be a chef, just started seeing a professional business woman named Lauren (Henson). Jeremy has been dating his girlfriend, Kristen (Union) for nine years and still has yet to pop the question. Cedric is recently divorced from his wife and trying to move on. Michael is now dating his high school crush, Candace (Hall), but has to deal with the pressure that he’s a momma’s boy and she is always getting in his way. Finally, Zeke, who is generally a player but meets his match in Mya (Good), who slaps him with a 90-day rule. She can’t sleep with the man she’s dating for ninety days and he plans on breaking that rule. The problem is that all of these women have been recently introduced to a new book called “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”. Harvey wrote the book to give women advice on how women can take control over the relationship. Though, once the men find out about the book, the game gets reversed and the war begins.

“Think Like a Man” is a strange film in the sense that it has multiple issues yet I still found myself entertained. Again, a lot of that had to do with Kevin Hart but I felt that multiple characters in the film worked. I really enjoyed the arc of Jerry Ferrara’s character and he has a great scene later in the film where he really emotes. The chemistry between Taraji P. Henson and Michael Ealy was fantastic. I found myself invested in that relationship and really wanted it to work out for them. I can’t say the same for Terrence Jenkins and Regina Hall. Their relationship just wasn’t fleshed out enough for me to care.

I just find it ridiculous that in a movie world, every character is going through the same ups and downs at the exact time. I get that it’s a movie and montages are important but it just felt extremely unrealistic and added more to the fact that I was watching a movie.

I would say the movie is a solid rental but if you want to check it out in theaters, hit up a matinee. I don’t think you’ll leave disappointed but you will not be satisfied. When it all boils down to it though, you are paying to be advertised to.

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2 thoughts on “Think Like A Man

  1. I usually agree with your reviews, however, this time I think you got it all wrong. This movie is not based on the book, it is ABOUT the book. I thought of the book as another character. What kind of movie would Julia and Julia have been had Amy Adams not referenced the cook book throughout? I don’t think this was an attempt to advertise the book, and from what I’ve read the book has done very well on its own. I think the characters were meant to personify that which was written in the book and they did a great job. It sort of reminds me of How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. There were steps and you hear Kate Hudson and her co-workers going over them and then you see her acting them out. Same with this movie. I didn’t read the book. I started to, but put it down quickly because I was bored out of my mind. I was, however, really looking forward to seeing the movie because of all of the star power. I walked away thoroughly entertained.

  2. The clips of the movie are really funny. Sometimes the clips are the best part of movies, but with Kevin I know he will come through as really funny and I will enjoy seeing him on the big screen.