Valentine’s Day

Genre: Comedy/Romance
Released: 2010

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Spending Valentine’s Day alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just like this film. Yeah, you think about finally meeting someone and making that connection but there is always another year to come where changes can occur. Much like this film, I struggled to look for a connection which created a sense of adventure with a ton of interesting characters. I never found a truly great film but what I did find was something that passed the time. You can still laugh when you are by yourself or with your friends but you may still stop to get depressed for a little bit. The same emotions occurred when I watched the film where I would laugh at times and then others I would sit back and be depressed at the poor writing or formulaic plot points. At the end of the day though and the movie, I can sit back realize that life/movie isn’t so bad after all. It is a mediocre experience with really high highs and sometimes really low lows. The majority of the time, you are just coasting. Read full review