Man of Steel

Superman-Man-of-Steel-poster-newGenre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Released: 2013

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Nerd Tears (n) – what one weeps at cinema that is too epic to comprehend.

– Note: “Man of Steel” was NOT shot in 3D or IMAX, though the IMAX theatre speakers really do enhance Hans Zimmer’s score. His score is a leading character so I would recommend 2D IMAX if you can find it. If not, stick with the 2D and save yourself the $3 to $6.

“Man of Steel” almost became my first five-star rating of 2013, but it has some flaws (which I’ll cover later) that made me drop it to a 4.5. A five on my scale means to drop everything you are doing and run to the theatre. I’m not saying it’s on the level of classic films, but it’s mind-blowing enough to see right away. There are only a handful of films in recent memory where I wished the projectionist could have re-started the film immediately after it ended. Off of the top of my head those films would be “The Dark Knight,” “Inception” and “Drive.” “Man of Steel” belongs on that very short list. Never before have I seen action so brilliantly combined with a film score. It was like watching an artist paint his masterpiece. Zack Snyder perfectly used Hans Zimmer’s epic film score as a leading character which lead to many sessions of real tears and nerd tears. Read the Full Review