Real Steel

Genre: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
Released: 2011

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

VIDEO: Check out my interview with Hugh Jackman where he teaches me a secret sentence that helps him change accents plus I arm wrestled with Sugar Ray Leonard!

Suspension of disbelief. That is a key aspect for any person watching a film. It allows the person to be transported to the movie world and forget that they are sitting in a dark theatre with hundreds of strangers. While in that world, then audience emotionally connects to the characters and feel for the story line. The magic of movies allows us to do this with all types of films, whether it be animated movies, robot films, monsters movies, alien movies, etc.

The key is to allow that bridge for the audience member to take that journey. If the script and acting are not believable, as is the case for “Real Steel,” the audience member becomes more of an on-looker and not someone who is engaged in that particular story. Therefore, the movie may still entertain but not to great levels. This was the case for me with “Real Steel.” As I sat there, I thought about how much I would enjoy this if I was a little kid. Fighting robots would be the greatest idea ever if I was ten years old. Continue reading